Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I really love The Geek. It's the best community website in which I participate.

But it's a fear of mine that I'll be perceived as a shill.

See, I'm reasonably active on the Geek. But I'm very active in the Asmodée forums on the geek, because these are the game I have a personal involvement with.

I'm up-front about my involvement. I also try to rate the games fairly - I don't inflate the ratings I give games published by Asmodée just because I like the company.

So I decided to support the Geek. I actually decided a few months ago, but I wasn't able to financially commit.

There are people out there who will see my badge and assume that Asmodée bought it for me. I'll know better. People who poke into my profile might figure it out - I'd never posted on any of Asmodée's games prior to 2005, as I didn't start working with them until that point. I registered on the Geek in 2003.