Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Getting Ready To Go Again

 In early 2020, we put in-person Game Night on hold. The state had banned in-person gatherings, and, realistically, it wasn't safe. I was still dealing with the general public and going in to work every day, and several regular attendees were either immunocompromised or were one step removed from folks who were. I had (and still have) zero interest in my weekly game gathering being responsible for illness or death.

We had a couple of sparsely-attended in-person game nights in August of 2021, when our crew was vaccinated and the governor loosened restrictions on gatherings. And then numbers went up again and we put Game Night back on hold.

Our local mask mandate was lifted in March. At the time, I expected numbers to skyrocket upwards again - like they have every time restrictions were loosened. So I told the crew, "We'll give it some time to see what happens."  Because there's no point in launching gaming if we're just going to turn right around and cancel again two weeks later.

But it's been a month, and the numbers haven't gone nuts.  They're up, yes, but not rocketing up. And the core group is fully vaccinated.

So I'm steeling myself to get things rolling again. And ... it's scary.

We're starting over from near-zero. And we may need to stop again if things get bad again.

But we're gonna try.