Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Do you want to know what the best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten was?

Of course you do.  That's why you come to my blog, right? All cooking all the time.

Start with a croissant. Warm it up. Toast it slightly so that it's crispy and flaky on the outside and buttery-smooth and warm on the inside.  Cut it in half like it was a hamburger bun.  Slather both sides with cream cheese. Use just a bit more cream cheese than you would on a bagel.

One one side, put a couple of strips of bacon. The bacon should still be warm, and I (personally) like it crispy.

On the other side, put a couple of sausage links. Again: they should be still warm. If you want the maple-infused links, those work, but it's fine with just about any links.

Put the top half onto the bottom half and dig in.

Right now, there are really three groups of people who are responding mentally to that sandwich.

The first group is drooling a bit and vowing to try that some time.
The second group is curious and may try it, but it doesn't sound like the best sandwich of all time.
The third group is frothing at the mouth.  Why would you put CREAM CHEESE on that?

The point is this:

Not everyone likes the same things. For me, that is - seriously - one of the best things to eat in the mornings. I don't do it very often, because I like having a functional heart. But once in a while ... mmmmmmmm.

I hate Fluxx. It's a terrible excuse for a game that can run ten minutes or ten hours. The skill element of play is so minimal as to be basically absent. It's an excellent meta-discussion of "What is a game?" but it is not, itself, actually a game.

I don't like Munchkin as a game - the cards are fun to read occasionally. The art is amusing. The game sucks. It's dull and it drags and the last half of the game is everyone doing their best to beat down the leader.

Both of these games are runaway successes. Huge victories for their publishers - to the point where these games are largely why those publishers have survived. This fact actually makes me very thankful that not everyone has the same tastes I do, because I want more Icehouse games. I want more GURPS books. I want to see what Looney Labs and Steve Jackson Games are going to put out next.

So when I say something negative about a game you like, it's not an attack on you. If I sneered at everyone who like Fluxx, I'd be all out of friends in near-record time.

By all means: Continue buying games I don't like. Play them. Have fun with them.  Please. Because even games I don't like support games that I do like. And more games are always a good thing for someone.