Saturday, June 03, 2006


I realized that I should talk about my Game-Buying Habits. This especially applies to RPG's, but can apply to board or card games with a number of expansions, as well.

Tier I: I must own everything! I'll buy Tier I games whenever they are available and I have money. Sometimes even when I can't afford it. There aren't a lot of Tier I games left for me, with the change to a board-gaming focus and the loss of some of the games. It's mostly filling collection gaps at this point.

Tier II: It's good! I'll buy Tier II games when I have money and no new Tier I games are available.

Tier III: It's interesting! I'll spend money on Tier III when there's nothing for Tier I or II that I don't already own.

Tier IV: Mediocre! I'll usually not spend more money on Tier IV past the core book, unless someone tells me, "Product X is particularly Good."

Tier V: Bad! I'll not buy Tier V again unless someone I trust loans (or gives) me a Tier III or better product for a Tier V game.

SPOG: Steaming Pile of Game. I've got a special spot on my shelf for SPOG. It contains there kinds of SPOG: Setting SPOG, System SPOG and OMG! SPOG.

In addition to the game Tiers, there are companies and designers who I'll assign to the various Tiers, as well. Deep 7, for example, is usually solidly between Tier I and Tier II (Their XPG line and 1PG lines are solid Tier I for me). This is because every product I've seen in those lines has been exceptional. Even in the rare cases it wasn't something to my taste, it was something I could work with.

... but that's a discussion for another day.

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