Monday, October 02, 2006

Favorite YouTube Videos

It seems like I spend entirely too much time here apologizing for delays - my goal here is 1 post per week, and I will not always make that goal.

My good friend Wade tagged me, and requested that I post my top 5 YouTube videos.

It's a tough one, because there are some very good videos out there, so here are my picks:
Fear of Girls - I love being a part of a hobby that spends this amount of time and energy mocking itself.

Busting a Dungeons and Dragons Nerd - Seriously. I love it when people love a thing enough to laugh at it.

"I am wearing Boots of Escaping! I am wearing Boots of Escaping!"

Flight of the Conchords have rapidly become one of my favorite parody folk groups. As if the market were crowded. This rap performance is almost unspeakably funny.

The Battle of Farador, Part One is more gamers poking fun at our hobby. And it proves (to me, at least) that gaming humor transcends language - something very few non-physical styles of humor are able to do.

Part Two is pretty funny, too. I don't want to count it as a fifth video, however - it'd feel too much like cheating to me.

The fifth video isn't related to gaming. It's someone using YouTube in a way which startled me with its brilliance:

Did you ever have something that didn't work until a tech was watching, and then it performed flawlessly? At my day job, we had a customer with the same issue. He'd already sent his stereo in for repairs once, and the repair center techs had found nothing wrong with his receiver. So he shot video of the issue and uploaded it to YouTube.
At this point, I'm supposed to tag five people to continue the meme. I'd like to tag famous industry professionals. Since none of them read this, however, it'd be a pointless waste of time.

Instead, I'd like to tag Michael, Mike, Stephanie, Thomas, and Rob.

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  1. I have never even heard of YouTube, and doubt I have the time to sit down and watch a bunch of campy internet wierdness.

    Not that I dislike internet wierdness, mind you, it's just that I've quite a bit on my plate at the moment.

  2. I understand the "Quite A Bit On My Plate" thing - I'm in the middle of a project at work for which they have authorized UNLIMITED OVERTIME.

    Because we're that far behind.

  3. Oh Merciful Odin!

    Good luck with that, and am I glad I'm not you!!!

  4. It's put me way behind schedule on everything personal - especially my blogs.

    It's why I posted YouTube videos instead of one of the previously mentioned Upcoming Posts.

    The project ends after this week, though. We finish or we don't.