Friday, January 26, 2007

My Collection

I spent a chunk of yesterday updaing my collection on the Geek.

I started alphabetically at the beginning of all the listings on BoardGameGeek, and got through the letter A. It took me all night.

My goal is to eventually update through all the letters of the alphabet. Then I plan to go through and rate all of them.

I have 212 games listed in my collection at present, and I know that some are missing (including several HeroScape expansions).

That's a lotta games.


  1. Eric,

    It seems your collection is bigger than mine; I need to buy some new games.

    I was looking at your BGG page and thought it was interesting that our overall game ratings scale pretty much the same: at about 6.40. Interesting...

  2. I suspect that the 6.4 is for two reasons:

    1) We both like games. For a game to score below a five means it's baaad.

    2) We give thought to what to rate a given game. We don't follow the 10-5-1.