Thursday, March 08, 2007

Last Week

Those of you who monitor my games played on the Geek may have noticed an oddity last week: A Wednesday with no games played.

On Wednesday, February 28th, all areas North of Seattle got hit with a sudden snowstorm. For this area, any snow is unusual. More than two inches is downright rare.

We got six inches. At least one regular attendee of our Wednesday festivities got a foot and a half.

Normally, I'd have just hung out and played solitaire games or something similar. Last Wednesday was a bit odd on several other fronts, however:

Our annual mortgage inspection was on Thursday, so the apartment needed more cleaning.
My wife's grandmother passed on Monday, so she flew out to Colorado on Tuesday morning. I was scheduled to fly out on Thursday, and needed to find both a ride to the airport and someone to house-sit (the person who usually house-sits for us had a foot and a half of snow).

I did make an appearance at Game Night and played one game: High Roll. Three of us each rolled a die. High Roll won.

I don't think there's an entry on the Geek for High Roll. Or, if there is, it's under some other name.

So that's why there's no games played for last week.


  1. Anonymous3:40 AM


    I noticed you played another game of Battleground. WHo played and how did it go?

    I did ny first gaming since arriving last night: 3 games of Battlelore

  2. I lent Jim my elves for the week. Then I took my orcs and trounced him.

    Next week: 2500 points.