Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mission: Red Planet Errata and Clarifications

There isn't a lot of errata for Mission: Red Planet. There also aren't many clarifications. Other than the production issues, this turned out pretty well.

First, the Errata:

Page 4, 2nd Paragraph. Change the sentence about "starting from" the starting player - it should read "starting with" the starting player.

Page 6, 1st Paragraph. Remove the last sentence. This is a HUGE error, and I don't know how it slipped past both myself and Mr. Faidutti.


1) When performing character actions, always load your Astronauts first before using the character abilities.

2) No, the "Analysis Error" card and "Lost in Space" card were not deliberately mangled. I have a pre-printing .pdf of all the cards, and there are no missing letters on these cards in that file - it's apparently an issue with the printer.

The actual text should read:
Analysis Error
The resource token in this zone is discarded and replaced with another resource token chosen at random. If there were any score tokens left in this zone, they are also replaced by new score tokens matching the new resource.

L.I.S. (Lost In Space Memorial)
At the end of the game, received one Bonus Point for each of your Astronauts lost in space, killed by the Femme Fatale, the Saboteur or the Soldier


  1. Anonymous11:21 PM


    I heard that Asmodee has done a European version (language independent) of Tannhasuer. Can you get an early copy of it? It looks great.


  2. I generally only get the games that they're considering bringing to the US themselves. Since FFG is doing Tannhauser in the US, I am unlikely to see the Asmodee edition (if one exists - it's not listed as such on the Geek).