Friday, July 06, 2007

Forces of Darkness Errata and Clarifications

Last Update to this Page: 10/20/08

Forces of Darkness turned out pretty well, actually. One small errata, however, that will become more important later (when the Assassin enters play):

The Vampire only gets his Blood Counter when he eliminates a wounded character from play.

Cursed Objects: If an unwounded character moves through a space containing a wounded character and a Cursed Object, the unwounded character must pick up the cursed object and drop anything else they were carrying.

This set adds Token characters to the game for the first time - check the General Rules Clarifications page for information on Token characters.

When adding tiles over Darkness squares, you may look at the tile before placing it, but not before drawing it. You may also align the tile however you choose, provided it doesn't cover any non-Darkness squares. Once a tile is laid over a Darkness square, it's not considered a Darkness square anymore.

Undead characters may not suicide in the Sacred Tomb. The description of the Sacred Tomb specifically prevents their entering under their own power (they may be pushed in via the Ring of Repulsion or carried in by a friendly while wounded, however).

The Vampire, while in Bat form does not gain an additional Blood Token for eliminating a wounded character (I had to ask Chris about this one ... ).

A clarification on the Spectre: He may escape the maze without reincarnating, but he's worth 0 VP if he does so.


  1. Anonymous12:28 AM

    If the Vampire is carrying a cursed object and turns into a bat, what happens? Does he drop it, does he carry it as a bat (which violates his given rules), or is he now unable to change into bat form once he is carrying the cursed object?

    1. Good question! A Vampire who turns into a Bat drops the cursed item.