Monday, August 06, 2007

Dungeon Twister Federation

Here's a question for you:

How many of you reading this have requested Judge status from Asmodee?

Anyone out there know how many of Asmodee's DT judges are in the US?

There is a list of 84 judges - I recognized only a handful of names (Michael Victorine among them - Mike, did YOU remember that you're a qualified judge?)

See, I've managed to fall in with a group who are trying to put together an international Dungeon Twister federation - something I wholly support.

And there's no central location for English speakers to go. The official site hasn't been updated in English for a while. Asmodee US has more games to promote than just DT.

So now I'm looking for some webspace. Possibly a domain. And some forum software.

I was also reminded: I can run tournaments as far South as Portland, without any problems at all. I need to do that.

I also need to convince my wife to register for the official forums AND request Judge status so SHE can run tournaments (and I can play).

Also need to convince Jim (in California) that he can run tournaments, too.

Lots to do.

GenCon is in just over a week.


  1. I don't really think about it, but yeah, when reminded I do recall being signed up by rather enthusiastic Asmodee pushers... :)

  2. It wasn't me. I don't have the ability to grant Judge status.

    My money says it was Stephan.