Friday, December 14, 2007

Miniatures Gaming - Oops!

I realized the other day that I overlooked discussing one significant factor on the other games I've covered:

"Wow, that looks cool! How do you play?"

It's not a barrier to entry, but it needs to be factored in the game's rating.

I did factor it into the final rating of the games I've done so far, but (while doing so) failed to discuss it.

For example:

I really like Battleground: Fantasy Warfare. It's a great game. It plays well, it has a low introductory cost, and it's just plain fun. But the cards aren't very eye-catching. I give it a C here.

A large part of what sucked me into War Machine was the appearance of the figures. This gives it an A.

Once I'm done going over these minis, I'll throw together a chart with the games and the various categories I've used in rating them.

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