Saturday, January 05, 2008

Diplomacy: An Update

Not two days after my recent post about what's up with Diplomacy, my FLGS posted this, and Funagain posted this.

I asked Brian at Phoenix what he'd heard - "It appears to be getting some 'artistic treatment to game components,' but beyond that details at this point are sketchy..."

Armed with more information, I headed to one of my WotC friends to ask some questions. Now, my friend has a great sense of humor and may have been pulling my leg, but it sounds like this won't be a 50th Anniversary set. In fact, this set is expected to have cardboard and paper components.

Again: My friend may very well have been kidding.

We'll know for sure in a few weeks when Avalon Hill/WotC formally release their 2008 schedule.

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  1. At that price, it has to be paper components. Given that the metal version is selling for $80 on eBay, my guess is that WotC is being shrewd and releasing this as a teaser to try to attract new players, then releasing a better and more expensive anniversary edition later. I hope that's the case, at least.