Sunday, May 11, 2008

GenCon Bankruptcy Update

Well, okay. It's not a full update - it's just more information.

Living Dice did some digging and got a copy of the bankruptcy filing that GenCon made. It's an interesting post that is well worth reading. It also bears mentioning that most of the debts appear to be related to the Star Wars Celebration. Some of it may be from GenCon SoCal, but I can't tell for sure with the information provided.

It's also possible that the biggest debt (to The George E. Fern Company) may include GenCon Indy, as George Fern provides convention services for them. Yes, the reason given is decor for Star Wars Celebration IV, but it seems like a lot of money for decoration. I could be wrong, however as I honestly don't know how much it costs to put on a convention.

It's also worth pointing out that Hidden City Games, the last creditor on the list on Page 6, is owned and operated by Peter Adkison.

Even if you don't speak legalese, the file itself is worth downloading and reading. There are some very interesting things in there that may impact GenCon this year - and have probably already made an impact. For example, how many of you noticed that Wizards of the Coast dont have any big GenCon releases scheduled? In fact, D&D 4E isn't releasing at a convention at all - a significant break from the norm for them.

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