Sunday, November 30, 2008


I know I'm past due for an update - I got a bit caught up in the latest iteration of my quick reference file.

I'm making a list of rooms and what terrain is in those rooms. It's taking more time than I had expected - it's not easy to count wall tiles in some of those rooms!

It's also forcing me to create some new terminology - "Overlay Terrain," for example. See, Mist appears over both floor spaces and rift spaces. in order to be 100% accurate and useful, I'd need to have separate columns for both Mist (Floor) and Mist (Rift). That's more work than I'm willing to do. So I just mentally tagged Mist as "Overlay Terrain" and counted the floor spaces under mist as floor spaces and then counted the mist separately. It's easier, less mind-numbing, and will be about as useful when I'm done.

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