Thursday, May 14, 2009


So ... I told you news was due to break?

I was scooped by Chris himself!

He sent an e-mail (in French) to the unofficial Dungeon Twister mailing list (there isn't an official one, and, with Chris on this one, who needs one?).

Yahoo! groups stripped the included image, but Phil Goude (President of the LIDT) uploaded the image to BoardGameGeek:

Looks pretty sweet, no? Six out of the eight included characters are pictured. The Mechanork and Wizard are obvious. The Colossus is the big muscled guy front-and-center. The "human-snake" appears to be a Nāga. The Cleric is not pictured. There is another undead character behind the Wizard, and a female character is behind the Colossus.

The news from Chris is found here (it'll probably show up in French for you - but if you click on the little British flag at the top, an English translation will appear).

As I am given more information, I will certainly share it with you.

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