Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LIDT Seeks Regional Managers

The LIDT posted this news item last week (click on the correct flag to change languages).

Go on. Read it. I'll wait.

There are two important things about this announcement:

1) I translated it. I used Google's translation page (which is improving) for a few parts, but I did it.

2) I'm the "Gamethyme" they mentioned for North America. I divided the US into six regions, and now I get to start looking for regional managers for those regions. I'm also looking for Canadians interested in pitching in. Please, if you're interested and have questions, e-mail me. My e-mail address is to the right - where it says "e-mail me." Much as I'd love to be the Regional Manager for the entire continent, there is no way I have the time for it. For the record: France, which is only a small bit larger than Texas, will have four Regional Managers. Of course, they have more DT players than we do at present, too.

That last, of course, is something I'm still working on.

I'm also working on a few posts for this blog that are more role-playing related. I'm not turning my back on Boardgaming (far from it!), but I'm gearing up to run a FUDGE one-shot, which means adjusting my mental gears towards roleplaying for a bit. I'll be (in the next few weeks) talking about what I like in a role-playing game and why not all systems are good for all situations.

Since one of my goals with this blog is to present myself as an expert, I'll start next week by listing my roleplaying credentials - games I've played and/or run and why I'm qualified to talk about roleplaying games in general. It's not like boardgaming, where I can point at my collection (as listed on BGG - I still don't have everything recorded, either. Not by a long shot) or the games I've played (since 2007, when I started keeping track) to establish that I know what I'm doing. Although I really should put up a post detailing my boardgaming credentials at some point.

Role-playing is a different animal from boardgaming (even if some games blur the line a bit at points), so I feel as though I have to establish my credentials on that front.

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