Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's that time of year, again. Essen.

Do you not know what Essen is?

It's here. For eurogamers, Essen is like GenCon for Roleplayers - all of the new games release there. It's a place I want to go. Every year.

This year, I have a personal connection to a release - Cyclades, which I had a chance to play at GenCon, will be released there.

Even more important (for me, at least): Cyclades is my wife's first print credit.

Hrm. I have personal connections to several releases:
Ghost Stories: White Moon, Werewolves of Miller's Hollow: The Village, Mr. Jack In New York, Nefertiti Expansion, Nostra citY. And, of course, the official English release of Dungeon Twister: Prison.

In fact I've seen the rules to all but two of those ...

Looking through this GeekList, it looks like the Old West is a popular theme this year. A very popular theme. The Mafia are also a popular theme. Now if only there were a way to combine them ...

And I'm seeing more and more games from Poland that catch my interest (and that of the community over at Boardgamegeek).

My goal is to, at some point, attend Essen.

We'll see how that shakes out.

Oh - and if anyone reading this is attending and feels like grabbing me a gift, I'd love to have a copy of Powerboats Expansion 1.

Next week, I may have my copy of Dungeon Twister: Prison. I'm working on trying to adapt the Solo rules to the other (already released) sets. Since the 2E cards have all the "triggers" for solo play, a copy of DT2 will still be required. I'll keep you in the loop on my progress, as there are items which don't easily fit into solo play.

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