Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Game Design and Next Year and Me

This year, I've had some interesting brushes with game design.

They are interesting enough to me that I've made a resolution for next year.

Next year, I am going to finish one of my game-related projects.

My solo play cards for Dungeon Twister are nearly done - I have playtesters looking at the first batch. I still need to come up with a few special abilities for some of the "classic" characters, but a lot of progress has been made.

I have two board games which are nearly ready. Both of them have rules, but I need to balance them and then ... playtest.

I also wrote a scenario for Claustrophobia, and I hope to have it looked at by someone official. If they don't want it, I'll probably throw it at BoardGameGeek.

I have a few RPG-related projects partially-completed, too. I'll probably end up using FUDGE, Cortex, or a hybrid of the two for at least one of them. One of them is being written with Cortex in mind.

My wife gave me the Amber Diceless RPG for Christmas. I can see why it became such a huge hit. It's still available in .pdf format (legally) if you poke around a bit.

My gaming next year: I have a Cthulhutech one-shot scheduled for January. Other than that, I'm wide open. Hopefully, we'll see some Dungeon Twister expansions this year.

Beyond that ... I don't know. My job allows me to accrue a maximum of 120 hours of vacation time per year, and it looks like I will be capping out in June. Perhaps I should find some conventions to attend earlier in the year - any suggestions?

I expect that next year, I will spend more money on RPG .pdf files than I have for the last few years. Once I get that Kindle DX I've been eying, my RPG purchases will explode. I should write about that sometime ...


  1. Finishing a game design is such a hard thing. Like you, I have a handful of board game designs and RPG game designs. Like you, too, I've decided I've got to finish at least one of them which means a lot more effort and a lot more work on bySwarm.

  2. Geoff H10:09 AM

    Good luck with the game designs, Eric. I'll be happy to look over them (although my free time is shrinking). I do plan to look at the DT solo cards you sent, but Christmas planning is getting the best of me right now.

    With all that extra vacation time, maybe you should visit NC. I here there's a Dungeon Twister tournament in the area. ;-)


  3. Kaolin: You know I'll be needing artists if I manage get something done, right?

    Mike: I'll have to check out bySwarm - I've heard some very interesting things about it.

    Geoff: Thanks. I'll definately keep you on my list for updates. And I'll be putting up a note about the tourney next week - it is, after all, the first official North American DT tourney since Prison released.

  4. If you didn't live so far, I'd suggest Tennessee Game Days to help deplete that vacation time (April 30 through May 2, Heck, it's at a nice location, maybe you should come out regardless! :)

  5. Hey Eric,

    If you need more testers let me know. Always happy to help.

    Have a great Christmas