Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Battletech Pods In Seattle

This is a hair off-topic from tabletop gaming, so please bear with me for this week?

So remember a few months ago, when I did my 200th mission in the Tesla pods?

There are pods in Seattle again.

We scoped it out last weekend. The Airlock is small, but the owner is enthusiastic and the game, of course, rocks.

As of this writing, they don't have a phone, but I heartily suggest checking them out.

The Airlock
12093 124th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98034

Located just east of I-405 in the Totem Square strip mall between Laughs Comedy Club and the Bead Hut.

I did about a dozen missions last night, and had an absolute blast. I even managed to talk my wife into trying the pods out.

She's a boardgamer and a roleplayer, but not really much of a video gamer. Because of this, I didn't expect her to enjoy the pods. What we did is have her watch one game. She sat right next to me (only outside the pod), and watched the screen and all the buttons I was pushing (I'm running expert level, so there are a lot of buttons to keep track of).

We then bought her into a Basic mission. She did really poorly, but a large part of that was the fact that the average experience of the other pilots in that game had over 300 Missions. And she ... sorta liked it.

So she tried dropping into an expert-level game. She did much better. Better enough that I suspect she has more natural talent for this sort of thing than I, and will be significantly better than I am once she gets some practice. She was still near the bottom of the heap score-wise, but showed significant potential.

Meanwhile, I learned the fun way that I'm not the only Light Mech Pilot around anymore. That's nice. There is one pilot who is scarily good with a Commando, and another pilot and I did the Circle of Death for about two-thirds of a mission.

I had a great time.

Thanks, Uglyman for opening up locally. I look forward to many many entertaining missions and eventual Master Trials.


  1. I played Battletech once, at a Dave & Buster's in Atlanta. It was set to Basic and I played with my buddy (and then boss) Jon and a couple of guys we didn't know. I totally pwned. And my FAVORTE thing about it was that at the end, we all got printout sheets with our combat told as a narrative. I think I still have it somewhere.

  2. Wade,

    We're going back as regularly as I can convince my wallet that it's justified. You're more than welcome to join us.

  3. TATSU and Wade,

    The pods are still around the US!
    See this page for a listing of all the current locations where you can find the pods:

    or find out when the pods might be coming to a convention near you:

  4. We're keeping an eye out for the first Airlock event with Master Trials, never fear... you'll have some stiff competition and we'll do all we can to ensure a good Master pool for you.

  5. Muerte and Q,

    If I'm ever in Houston, I'll definitely be stopping by. You seem to have a very active and welcoming community.


  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Are the pods still in the area since airlock closed april 1, 2015.
    how to contact uglyman?

    1. Uglyman is active on Facebook - is probably the best way to reach him.

      I don't know where the pods went.

  7. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Contacted Uglyman and it didn't turn out well. Suspect that there was a story behind this we may never know. Investigated the State Business records. There was a financial partner that made Airlock financially possible. Uglyman posted his association with someone with a title of "World Installer" from Denver who claimed to have association with Virtual World Entertainment in Michigan. Soon after the closure, the was removed from Wikipedia BattleTech Centers.
    Not surprising things happened very quickly. In the past, a set of Battletech pods in private hands can be met with interesting statements and claims from Michigan.
    It is very unfortunate that private owners have to experience this culture instead of being able to share the fun.