Wednesday, April 07, 2010

2010 Origins Awards: My Predictions

The 2010 Origins Award Nominees have been announced.

Some of these categories are not a big deal to me, but there are a few surprises buried in there. Here are my thoughts in the categories I pay attention to:

Card Game:

Martian Fluxx? Really? I guess there weren't a lot of good card games this year. It's also worth noting that Poo is no longer a Catalyst Game Labs product.

I'd like to see The Stars Are Right win this one, but I suspect that Thunderstone will take it.

Board Game

I don't have a lot to say here, oddly. I hope Steam or Endeavor take this one, because I strongly disliked Small World.

I suspect that the winner here will be Small World.

Children's Family, or Party Game

I was disappointed not to see Dixit on this list. That said, Pack and Stack is my favorite on the list, but four of these games are worth playing.

My bet for the winner? No clue, but, since I have to guess, I'm going with Pack and Stack.

Roleplaying Game

Eclipse Phase is amazing. A Song of Ice and Fire is phenomenal. Supernatural Roleplaying Game is tried and tested. Dr. Who: Adventures in Time and Space is much beloved of geeks.

I don't know FantasyCraft, but I should look into it.

I'd like to see A Song of Ice and Fire win this, but my money is on Eclipse Phase.

Roleplaying Game Supplement

Big Damn Heroes is the only one I've read from this category. I know Pinnacle did Weird War II originally as one of the best d20 Products on the market. I suspect it's just as strong, now.

My guess (and this is a total guess) is that Big Damn Heroes will squeak this one out.

Miniatures Figure or Line of Figures

No clue on this one. No real comments I can add, either.

I'd like to see Monsterpocalypse take this one, but I suspect that the Skaven will win it.

Miniatures Rules

Battletech: Strategic Operations is good, but my money is on Warmachine Prime, Mk II in this category.

Game Accessory

Knights of the Dinner Table is still in print? Excellent! I used to love that comic. Somewhere, I have a near-complete run from issue 3 through about 80.

Somehow, I don't see a dice set winning this. Nor do I see a poster map winning it.

Unfortunately, I think the winner will be Games Workshop with their Fortress of Redemption.

Game-Related Book

This is always an interesting category for me. Unfortunately, this year it's five books I haven't read. Sorry, guys. But I have heard about a few of them.

So my wild guess for a winner: Cthulhu 101.

Historical Board Game or expansion

Some strong contenders. My money here is on Conflict of Heroes, Storms of Steel. I like the system - it's more approachable than a lot of wargames are. And make no mistake - these are all wargames.

Historical Miniatures Figure or Line of Figures

Another category that I am unfamiliar with. The odd man out here is the Wings of War Albatross D.III - it's for a board game, and is pre-painted plastic.

Since I have to pick a winner, I'll go with the 15mm Ming Chinese from Old Glory. I've been impressed with their minis in the past.

Historical Miniatures Rules

Is Wings of War, World War II: Deluxe Edition really a miniatures game? I guess it is ...

My expected winner is Flames of War: Open Fire

And the last category on the list: Historical Miniatures Rules Supplement

Again, as I'm not a hardcore miniatures gamer these days, I have to go with what I've heard of. In this case, it's Flames of War: North Africa.

So there you have it.

Congrats to all of the nominees. We'll check back this summer to see how I did.


  1. I think you are right about Small world. I enjoy it, but prefer Endeavor. SW is Vinci with nicer bits while Endeavor may not have a new theme its definately a new game.

    There has to be a version of Fluxx in the awards, I am sure Looney get one released just for Origins. I like Poo, its simple and fun but does wear thin after a while. But great with a few mates and a couple of beers. Fluxx, Mmmmm I have a couple of different sets and have vowed not to buy any more.

  2. I just have never liked Fluxx. People complain about Dune's variable play time, but Fluxx puts it to shame. I've played two minute games, and I've played three hour games.

    I didn't like Vinci. Small World was a fresh coat of paint for me - not enough for me to enjoy it. I can see why people like it - it just wasn't my cup of tea.

    I'd like to try Poo. I was actually very disappointed that Dixit didn't get nominated in this category, and neither did Mow.