Monday, July 19, 2010

Character Generation Project: How I Make People

So, I know Eric's been talking about this character generation project for a bit, and I thought I might jump in here for a minute and discuss my approach to the project before my first character goes live.

I haven't made a ton of characters - as has been mentioned before, my role-playing experience has been primarily D&D and one-shots with pre-generated characters - but I do tend to go about creating them the same way. I'll look at the core book for a basic idea of how the system works, if I'm not familiar, and then I'll start working my way through the book. I'll start with some basic idea for the character - can beat things up, is more of a thinker than a fighter, that sort of thing - but I don't usually have many details in mind beforehand. I let the character generation process guide how the character develops.

Something that I don't do much, and maybe should start doing, is read through the entire core book before creating the character. I don't learn everything about a system before I start, but rather try to find out enough to know what numbers are considered "good" or "average", and go from there. It means that I don't always create the most effective character, but my characters can be a lot more interesting.


  1. Check out the Traveller character creation mechanism in the Mercenary expansion. The process creates significant broad portions of backstory naturally.

  2. Albatros,

    Traveller is on the list - we're mostly trying to use basis book(s) only, but the final decision of what to use/not use is up to Stephanie.

  3. ... and by "Basis," I mean, of course, "Basic."

    I should know better than to internet before 9 am.