Wednesday, October 27, 2010


NOTE:  This was written last weekend on my wife's laptop. Please ignore references to "If I get my computer back," and the like. I think I edited all of them out, but I probably missed one or two.

So what's coming in November for this blog?

I don't know. But here's what I'm working on in general:

I have some new games to discuss over the next few weeks, both those that were free from Asmodee and Open Design, and those that I actually spent money on.

I ended up buying a second copy of Victoriana, because my original copy turned into a gift for a friend who is a huge steampunk buff.  I loaned it to her, and then didn't have the heart to take it back.  It's also available as a PDF from DriveThruRPG, and it's worth the money in both cases. I'll be discussing that later in the month.

I'll also be posting more Dungeon Twister strategy - blocking up your opponent's runners and why it's important (although if you can't figure out why it's important, you have bigger problems than I can probably help you with).

And I have a November Project that I'm setting out on - my wife does NaNoWriMo every November, you see.  And, to stay out of her hair, I do a personal project.  This year's project has to do with RuneQuest II and some novels I've been reading. It's a "Just to see if I can" project.

Of course, if my laptop isn't back from the shop, then I'll spend my month playing Final Fantasy XIIIand MAG for a few days, first.

Also worth mentioning: Gamethyme's Game of the Year will now be something I'm actively working on.  It'll just be the one category, with no short list of nominees.  The announcement post of the winner will go up at GenCon. Gamethyme's Game of the Year will recognize the new-to-me game that, over the last year, most left me wanting to play it more. It may be a new game, it may be an old gem recently uncovered. But I'll be paying closer attention to what I've been playing.  I figure that even The Dice Tower was once a small blog - they had to start somewhere, right?

... and that's about all I have time for right now.  Stay tuned! I promise that, even if I have to blog from my phone, I'll keep this blog going.

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