Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm A Contest!

This year will be my seventh GenCon. A lot has changed over the years, mostly for the good.

For my first GenCon, I taught Dungeon Twister. There were other games in the booth (Jungle Speed, for example), but I didn't teach them.  The team was just Stephan, Christophe, Christophe, and myself.

For my second GenCon, I taught Dungeon Twister and Mall of Horror. And a couple of others. It was Christophe, Christophe, Alex, and myself.

For my third GenCon, we had a lot of games. And a much larger booth. And the team was Christophe, Steve, Stephanie, Katie, Alex, Mathieu, and myself. This was the year I spent teaching Hell Dorado. The expected big game was Mission: Red Planet, but it failed to arrive before the convention.

For my fourth GenCon, we had a comparably-sized team and we spent the time teaching Ca$h 'n Gun$ and Senji. We had a comparably-sized team (and most of the same people) as the previous GenCon, but there was one important addition this year: T-shirts. They were airbrushed front-and-back and looked like they'd been hit by a graffiti artist. They were ... okay.

For my fifth GenCon, the focus games were Ghost Stories and Formula D. And we had new T-shirts - maroon shirts that simply said "Asmodee" on the front.

For my sixth GenCon, the focus was on Claustrophobia. The shirts this year were the same as the previous year, but in red instead of maroon.

This year, Asmodee has decided that they want something on the back of their shirts. Rather than just picking something, they have decided that it's contest time. And they decided to tease me a bit in the process. You can win a game and a shirt, simply by entering their contest. Enter quickly, though - there's not much time for this one.

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