Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GenCon: EconoHazard

GenCon Exhibitor Map 2011The GenCon team finally posted their Exhibit Hall Map and the List of Exhibitors.

As I did every year, I printed out the map and the list and started color-coding it (after the year I dropped close to $500 at the IPR booth, I realized that the extra homework would be a necessary step.

This extra work has really paid off the last few years, as I didn't drop every single nickel I had, and even managed to send my wife to pick up items at some booths. And, even more amazingly, still had a few bucks in my pocket for the plane ride home.

Of course, these days my wife needs her own map with her own color codes ...

This is a snippet of the 2011 map. In summary: My wallet is in big trouble. Asmodee will be in Booth 511.

Booth 412/413? That's IPR, among others. It's the most dangerous booth at GenCon for my wallet.

Booth 605? It's another accumulation of publishers who make several games I like. I'll be shocked if I don't come home with Oz: Dark and Terrible and probably several other books.

Booth 711? Cubicle 7, home to Victoriana and the new Abney Park game. And the Laundry Files RPG (read the books if you haven't already).

Booth 311? Burning Wheel. The only reason Burning Wheel is less dangerous than IPR this year is because they'll only have one book I need - Burning Wheel Gold.

Booth 825 is Dream Pod 9. Tribe 8 continues to be one of my favorite RPG lines of all time. While I doubt I'll see more for it in the near future ... well, it's worth checking on from time to time. And their other lines are also thought-provoking and entertaining.

In other words, I may need to have my wife blindfold me and lead me to the booth every morning. Because these other guys are just too close for comfort.

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