Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Intersecting Hobbies

People who have just met me tend to think that I have only a single hobby (gaming). And, while that single hobby is basically all-consuming, it's not my only hobby.
Christmas 2011 and New Years Eve 112
I really have two active hobbies - gaming and photography.  I collect a few things, too, but I generally don't consider collecting to be a hobby (with a few exceptions).  For Christmas, I received a few photography toys that I hope will make my blog more entertaining.

Shortly before the holidays started to roll, I managed to get an old camera of mine working again - a Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 210. There's just something real about working with film. I've had much better luck with the black & white film than I have with the color film, but I may scan some of my photos and throw them up here, as appropriate.  Obviously, I won't be posting pics of (for example) football games unless I'm posting about a football game and tying it (somehow) to tabletop gaming. That'd just be silly.

Christmas 2011 and New Years Eve 110I have a Lensbaby, and have had for several years. All three of my gifts were lensbaby-related.  The one most likely to impact my blogging was the Lensbaby Macro Kit, which will allow me to take ever closer images of game components and games in play. Maybe next year, I will make it into the Top 300 Images list on BoardGameGeek.

I also received the Telephoto and Wide Angle adapters for the Lensbaby, which I put to good use on New Year's Eve at Phoenix, where we had fifty or so folks turn out for one of the most entertaining evenings I've had in a very long time. Thank you, by the way, to all who attended.  I saw dozens of games played that night, and had another chance to play Eclipse.

At least one significant event occurred at the festivities, but it's not my place to share that one, as it's not my news. Congrats, by the way, to all involved.

I took several hundred photos, all of which can be found in this set on Flickr. I haven't weeded out the less-good photos, so be aware that that set is a blend of good and bad.

Meanwhile, 2012 looks to be a strong year game-wise. I've seen several previews and have other bits of information from several publishers that tell me so. And that's before looking at my preorders ...

I can't wait to get things rolling.

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