Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Don't You ... ?

I keep getting asked why I haven't written about Dungeon Twister in a while. And it's true - I haven't had much to say about the game lately.

It's not because I've lost interest. DT is still my all-time favorite game.

The reason I'm not talking much is because there's not really any news to report.  Traps (the next expansion) is "coming."  The League is in a holding pattern, waiting for information.  The video game is "coming."

In fact, I had an e-mail from Hydravision a few weeks ago telling us that they hoped to have good news within the next little while.  That "good news" should (I hope I hope I hope) be a release date for the video game.

Why no "multiple uses" posts for the French-only sets? Because I haven't played these sets enough to familiarize myself fully with the characters and items. I'm working on it. Slowly but surely.

So what am I doing in regards to the game right now?

I'm starting from scratch. I have gotten a small handful of folks at my regular Wednesday gathering interested in the game.  And they're playing pretty regularly - generally at least one game per week.  I'm hosting a tournament in May or June (I'll post the exact details here once I have them).

Once there is news to report, I will report it.

I've made some very good friends through this game - I'm not giving up on it, and I hope you don't, either.


  1. I'm starting from scratch in North Carolina as well. I hope to start monthly DT gaming sessions at a local game store in the summer.

    I will also try to run tournaments at MACE and SCARAB in North and South Carolina respectively.

    I'm going through a career change at the moment and need to see how things go before making any definitive plans.

    Keep the faith -- DT lives on!

    Geoff H.

  2. Dave Horn12:41 PM

    Recently acquired via EBay every single English expansion, including 3/4 player (was still in shrink even) and even some promo items. I haven't tried going after the French expansions yet. DT is far and away my favorite board game. If BGG had an 11, it would be it. Play a ton solo, but not very much otherwise. Although, my son is slowly getting more and more into it. The wait on the video game has been killing me and I hate it when the news stops and we don't hear what is going on with Traps and future expansions. But I carry the DT torch very high and it won't die if I have anything to say about it! :)