Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Character Generation

Character Generation on Friday went smoothly, even though one player didn't make it and one player was late.  The players who were there talked it through and coordinated their characters.

Cthulhutech is an ... interesting setting. Left to their own devices, I'd have had one sorcerer, one Tager, a mecha pilot, and God knows what else.  It's a setting with a lot of options for characters, so I needed them to work together so we could have a cohesive party.

I'd previously given them some guidelines and suggestions, and I was set to give them some bonus points, depending on what they ended up doing.  So, when Stephanie does her character questionnaire for the project, people who are familiar with the game will spot a few extra skill points.

Either way, I now have a party of cops. I gave each of them two free skill points in Law Enforcement and Authority 1 and Duty 1.  Beyond that, I pretty much let them loose.

One character runs the evidence locker, and has been stealing interesting trinkets for years. One character is SWAT, and is more than a little gun-crazy.  In fact, he's been buying guns from the evidence locker for a good long while.  One character is a Para-Psychic with a Dark Secret.  One player has declared that he'll be part of the Computer Crimes Division.  And one player is still a question mark.

All of them have a few combat skills, because - well - they're cops.

So I have a bunch of cops.  A bunch of dirty cops. In a city that, if I follow canon, is doomed within a year or two.

I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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