Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spam Lottery + Housecleaning

In December of 2010, I wrote a year-end wrapup post that appears to have won the Spammer Buzzword Bingo Prize, because I am averaging three spam comments per day on it, lately.

Seriously.  It's kinda terrifying, actually.

I knew that eventually the spammers would notice my blog - it's why comment moderation is on (and has been since the beginning). It's just odd to me that I'm attracting so many comments on a two-year-old post.

I figured now would be a good time to do a bit of housecleaning and clarify a few things about this blog that most of you are probably already aware of, but it never hurts to be crystal-clear on.

If it's not a spam comment, I'll let it through.  Unless you are offensive.  I don't draw a lot of comments here, but I don't filter or censor for content provided you (in my judgement) are adding to the conversation. I think I've only ever had to delete one comment.

Link Exchanages
I don't do them.  There's just too much potential for spam - I don't want to unwittingly link any of you to spam, even if the site looks legitimate on the first glance.

Guest Posts
I'm open to hosting guest posts, provided you're not a blatant spammer.  I won't give you posting access, though.  Instead, I'll cut-and-paste your post and type a paragraph or two about you and thank you for your post.

Paid Reviews
I don't do 'em.  If you give me product, I'll review it. If you send me download links for product, I won't download products that I won't review. But my review will be honest - I don't like everything, you know. And I'll try to get the reviews up in a timely manner, but Real Life sometimes intervenes.

Linking Back To Me
I always laugh at sites which insist that you need permission to link to them.  Feel free to link to my site.  You can even quote me - just please don't cut-and-paste full posts for your blog or page. And credit is, of course, always appreciated.

Images and Videos
Most of the images I use on my blog are my images, but a few of them are provided by publishers. Before you re-use an image from this site, please check with me first. If it's my image, I'll usually grant permission (most of my Flickr photos are released under a Creative Commons license, anyhow).  If it's not my image, it should either be CC licensed or I have permission to use it - either way, do your homework and don't just link it.


And that about sums it up.

I'll be back next week with more game content.  Promise.

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