Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where's My Stuff?

I've decided that I'm going to update my Kickstarter status quarterly, here.  My next update will likely be in mid-April (unless something happens).

Since June of 2010, I have backed 48 projects on Kickstarter and my wife has backed 43.  You can see the full list of what we have backed on this spreadsheet.

There are a few categories into which I have mentally placed these projects, and this is what fits into those categories:

Needs A Little Love
These are projects that I want to see succeed, but which haven't funded and are maybe running a bit close to the wire.  There is only one item in this category at this time, and that is Formula E

Bruno Faidutti has designed some of my favorite games.  When he says a game is fun and throws his personal support behind a project, I will listen.  When he takes that extra step and talks to Asmodee to get permission to use a given name, that tells me he's excited about the project.  Right now, this project is on track to miss its goal.  I invite you to check it out.  The rulebook is online, so it's not a blind backing, either - you can see what the game is like before you decide.

These guys are clearly clued-in and ready to go.  I don't anticipate huge delays between this funding (if it funds) and their going into full production.

Not Yet Funded
We just haven't hit the deadline, yet, and these projects are sure to fund. They're listed in the order in which I backed them, not the order in which they closed and/or funded.

FATE Core - a core rulebook for the FATE system.  This has blown its targets away, and they are working on their stretch goals at this point.  And there are some pretty sweet stretches in there.  Just announced: A post-apocalyptic setting by Kenneth Hite.  We backed at the $85 level.

Sorcerer - Ron Edwards is doing an upgraded version of the game which kicked off the Indie revolution.  This closes on the 18th, so hurry if you want in!  $25 gets you the core book and the supplements in print and PDF.  Well, $31. Because shipping isn't cheap.   I'm of the opinion that there is a good game in there - it's just hidden behind his discussion of the rules.  And I'm very curious about his annotations.  We backed at the $25 level before he closed it.

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls - A classic reborn!  I have the 7.5 edition of the game, and this is a case of a rising tide lifting all boats. The OSR is starting to attract non-D&D games which are clearly Old School. This is a good thing, even if it can (and will) lead to market confusion eventually. Backed it at the $35 level.

Cortex+ Hacker's Guide - I am a huge fan of the Cortex Plus system. I like how it's heavily customized for each setting. And I've seen some good hacks out there - there is a Smallville hack for running a Star Wars game which doesn't have the Jedi Balance Problem, for example.  We backed this at the $25 level.

Crokinole Game & Accessory - I've wanted a Crokinole game for a good long while.  While I'd love to have one of the Hilinski Brothers' amazing boards, I just can't make the money work all at once.  $250 is a lot of money.  The Mayday Games boards have received mixed reviews overall, but the reviews have steadily improved. And Mayday has done a good job of responding to customers who had problems with their boards.  Eventually, I will own a Hilinski board. But, as a casual player, the Mayday board will fill my needs.  We backed at the $130 level.

Funded Too Recently To Worry About
I'm not worried about anything funded since October 1, 2012.  So I'm not going to bother detailing them - you can check the spreadsheet (linked above) if you really want a list.

Shipping Soon
Gunship: First Strike is starting shipping this week.  Dungeon World will be shipping soon, too - they are just waiting for the last few backer rewards.  It's well overdue, but Kings of Air and Steam says they'll be shipping soon. The Battle of Red Cliffs should be shipped by the end of this month.

Still On Target
Tenra Bansho Zero is an excellent example of a project done well.  It funded, and he has been keeping us in the loop with regards to the project's current status.  Mobile Frame Zero is similarly good at keeping backers informed.  In fact, I'm not concerned about these.

Some News Would Be Great
In that three months and more back, there are a few projects where I'm a bit concerned due to a lack of information and/or updates.

The +5 Food of Eating Cookbook - No updates since late November, when the author was having some software-related issues.  I'd love to know how it's going - there have been a few sample recipes dropped here and there, but I'm in the "update me every two weeks, even if the update is 'Nothing new to report'" school of thought. Depending on the project.

Psi-Punk - This one barely made its goal.  The writing is finished (as of December 10th), and they were commissioning art.  No word, yet, on how that's going. Have artists been chosen? Have sketches been approved?

Oh My God! There's An Axe In My Head! - After going through two publishers who took too long, you'd think these guys would finally have their act together, right?  The last update was December 11th, and said that it would "probably ship" the first part of March. 

I really wish I could see the backer-only updates on my wife's account.  Because I want to know what's up with Top This! and Guide to the Village By The Sea. And Witch Girls Book of Shadows.

Polish Needed
There are a couple of products where I need part of my pledge, but I have most of it.

They Became Flesh is a bit infamous on several forums, because most everyone is still waiting for most everything. I'm only missing one set of dice, but my requests for updates have gone unanswered.

Dreadball got most of Season One to me with no problems.  I'm still waiting for my acrylic board and a few star players before my collection is complete, however.

Thanks For The Update, Can I Have My Stuff, Now?
Powerchords has become, for me, the poster child for potential problems with the Kickstarter system.  It funded, then there was a three-month silence.  Then a four-month gap while he worked on a freelance project to pay the bills.  And then he started with the weekly updates.  For two years.  And the game isn't going to be a freestanding systemless book, anymore.  It's going to be a full game.  No, a game line. So these six hundred thousand words written so far?  They're going to be in other books, most of them.

Far West is also frustrating to a lot of folks. I'm ... I'm $75 into it, so it's not a small amount of money - at the same time, it's not a huge amount, either.  And I've received a few items (the Tales of the Far West anthology was really good, for example). I just want the core book.  I want to play the game!  

... and that's about where things stand so far.

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  1. Top This: Last update 12/20/12, estimating that they'll receive the games from their publisher by the end of February.
    Guide to the Village by the Sea: Last update 12/06/12, everything on track for a March release.
    Witch Girls Book of Shadows: Last update 01/07/13, delays due to an IP infringement lawsuit (they've initiated, not against them); also, the book's getting bigger, so some monsters may be getting cut and put in a separate book.