Wednesday, June 19, 2013

That Last-Minute Push

As I type this, Origins is about a week out, and GenCon is about two months away.  That means that games need to be in the printer's hands now.

Predictably, this means that I've had a dozen or so projects dumped on me in the last two weeks. 

I actually really like being busy.  It reminds me that the Gaming Economy isn't as bad as the rest of the economy has been for the last few years. It reminds me that GenCon is coming, and that's nearly always the highlight of my year.

I saw the GenCon Dealer's Room Map the other day.  Asmodee is in the dead center.  And it's another huge booth, presumably with demos in one section and sales in the other.  Steph and I have our hotel reservations in order, and we're waiting for Asmodee to get our flight information to us.

It's going to be an interesting year - we'll have a ton of new games, some of which I've never seen and will need to learn in order to teach them effectively.  We'll probably have another large crew - hopefully most (if not all) of last year's crew will be back.

And this year, there will be additional people out looking for me - folks that I didn't know last year but who I've met via Google Plus or other social networking sites.

But, in the meantime, I have half a dozen games left to tweak so that we can play them in a few months.

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