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Character Generation Project: Kuro

Those of you who are new to the blog can find out what this "Character Generation Project" is all about here. Stephanie's usual approach to character generation can be found here. In addition, there is a link to all of the project posts in the sidebar to the right.

I found Kuro to be a very interesting game - there are a ton of Cyberpunk-genre mashups out there, and some of them are horror, too, but this one did something I hadn't seen before - it isolated the characters in a setting which is foreign to most of the players.

Which game is this for?

How long did it take you to generate the character?
Half an hour

What was your character concept going into generation?  
Shinto maiden (miko)

Did you feel like character generation captured the flavor of the setting?  

How much control did you feel like you had during character generation?  
A good amount, though I wasn’t really sure what I was doing

Did the game help you make the character you wanted, or did it feel like you were fighting the game?  
I kind of felt like I was picking numbers at random, then having to go back after reading a little further and adjusting the stats.

Do you like the character you ended up with?  
I think so

Do you think your character fits your concept?  

Do you feel like your character would be effective and/or useful in a game?  
I have no idea.
Part of the issue, here is that all PCs in Kuro have a rare genetic mutation. This isn't spelled out until 180 pages into the book. In the GM section. So far as players know, they are creating day-to-day Japanese people who have been cut off from the world.

Was there anything in particular that you struggled with mechanically?  
Not really knowing what would be useful, in terms of stats
This game was translated from the French. Apparently there are some minor mechanical differences between the two.

Did anything run more smoothly than you had expected?  
Not really - I’m still a little in the dark about what my character would be doing and why
And part of this is because the game does that. Players are kept in the dark. The GM isn't given much more info than players are, either.

What changes would you have made to the character generation process?  
A brief synopsis of the setting would be good (though the glossary at the beginning was useful).  Also, associating skill with characteristics in the skills section would be helpful.
The setting info is ... odd. There are sections on daily life and manners. And there are "big picture" chapters which tell you the broad sweep of what existence is like. Then there are sections with tiny details.
As to the "Which characteristic goes with which skill?" question - I think the game's intent was to make this flexible. Want to know what Martial Art someone is using? Perception + Martial Arts - and so on. But Steph is - as usual - correct: This isn't made explicitly clear anywhere in the player section of the book.

Did anything leap out at you as obviously broken or unbalanced?  

What led you to choose this game as the next one to make a character for?  
Eric asked me to.
I had a new game that I was excited about. I see a lot of potential in this one. In my defense, I sent her with three or four games and asked her to choose.

How would you compare your experience with this game to your experience with other games?  
I felt a little lost.  In most games, I have no idea of why my character is doing something out of the ordinary.  It was like the opposite of The Edge of Midnight character generation.
Interestingly, in The Edge of Midnight, PCs are special because they can sense that something is amiss. In Kuro, PCs are special due to a genetic mutation that makes them sensitive to the occult events which are spinning up around them.

Is this a character you would be willing to play in a campaign?  
I’d like to find out if she’d be useful, so sure

Does this character make you want to play this game?  
Yes, if for curiosity’s sake alone

Do you have any other questions, comments, etc.?  
I think I’d need to read the entire book to understand the game

Have you given any thought to what game you'd like to do next?  
Possibly GURPS Discworld

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