Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Year's Eve

This year, we'll be doing our usual New Year's Eve gathering at Phoenix Games.  Unlike past years, however, I'm remembering to put this post up more than a few days in advance.

In past years, we've pulled forty or fifty folks together to hang out and play board games, card games, and another dozen or so folks who are just there for the food and the socializing.

Both groups are welcome.

All we ask is that you bring enough food and/or beverages for your party + 1 person (so that there's enough food for all) OR $5 per person (which will be used to purchase paper plates, cups, flatware, and the like).

This is an alcohol-free kid-safe environment.

The store has a sizable collection of games that are free-to-use for participants, but feel free to bring your own game(s) if you're afraid Phoenix won't have an available copy.

At midnight, we'll drink a toast using sparkling cider (or soda, depending on your preference), and then we'll get back to the gaming.

The event will kick off in the early evening (generally around 5pm) and will wrap up ... well, when we're done.  In past years, we've wrapped up as late as 10am.

I don't usually get there until around 8pm, as I have a nice dinner with my wife before we head in (it's a tradition for us).  And then I eat all night.  Mmmmmmm.

In the past, I've used this party as an excuse to pull out longer games that don't get enough play on Wednesdays due to their length.

If you're thinking about attending, I'd suggest contacting the store to make sure there is still room - the Fire Marshall does limit how many people we can have in the room ...

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