Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Time for just a bit of blog housekeeping, along with a couple of questions that keep popping up.

The first housekeeping was simple: I mentioned it previously, but it's done now.  The Google Ads are gone.  They took up space and - realistically - I'm a small enough blog that I wasn't making money.

In fact, the only ads here now should be the DriveThruRPG ad to the right. And I put that there.

It's funny - I say above that I'm a small blog, but Kickstarter project creators keep e-mailing me. I suspect that it's partly due to my involvement with the Kicksnarker community over on G+. Either way, these e-mails take one of two forms. Either they want me to mention and link to their project to increase visibility or else they want to send me a copy so that I can play it and give them a blurb for their project.

I'm not interested. In fact, I don't even accept review copies of games these days. Because if I'm interested in a game, I much prefer giving money to my FLGS (Phoenix Games in Mukilteo, WA) for it. Obviously, this doesn't apply to games received because I worked on them or as payment for other services rendered. But I've found that writing a review because I am obligated to do so can be a drag. And I do love writing this blog every week.

And that bring something else up: The FLGS.

People keep asking me how I can be so big on supporting my FLGS when I am constantly posting links to Amazon or DriveThru.  It's simple, really:  I can't post links to your FLGS. There are too many of you who are spread out too far - and I don't know who all of you are.  It'd be nice if I could set it up so that my blog could access the inventory of all of your local game stores and personalize itself for you - but it's just not feasible. Maybe in the future

At least the Amazon links can tell you what a game looks like, which will make it easier to find at your local game store. And not everyone has a local game store. It sucks, but there are gamers who have to buy their games online.

Also: Don't forget International TableTop Day is this weekend!  Get out there and play some games!

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