Wednesday, May 21, 2014

GenCon Draws Ever Nearer

Last year, as we were packing up the booth, Carol pulled me aside.  "What would you think," she asked me, "If I told you next year, we'd be bigger?"  I laughed, because I didn't think there was any way she was serious.

Last year's booth was big. Crazy-big. This year's map just became available, and this year's is ... bigger.

Map Here (PDF link).  We're in booths 1429, 1421, and 1521.

Last year, we had a small sales area and a large demo area.  I suspect that this year will be similar, so either 1421 or 1521 is likely to be sales and 1429 demo.  The remaining area will - I'm guessing - be a special events area. Tournament finals. Guest designers doing signings. That kind of thing.

That is, by the way 100% guess, because I haven't talked to Carol or Choukri or Stephan or Christophe or Jules or Giancarlo or anyone else, yet.

But somehow the booth is bigger than last year's.  That's ... that's insane.

Of course, we have the best demo team at GenCon. We grow by a few folks every year, and they are inevitably smart, capable folks who love games and gaming and gamers.

At my first GenCon, we had a booth the size of 1619.  Over the years, it's gradually grown - I hadn't realized just how large the booth was until I spotted some of the nearby booths and realized how small the Asmodee booth had been.

Time to grab the highlighters and mark up the Econohazards for this year. I suspect there will be fewer of them - I'm making a more dedicated effort to Give Money To My FLGS than I have in previous years. But that doesn't mean I won't be bringing home some prizes ...

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