Wednesday, July 16, 2014


About all you're going to hear about from me for the next month is GenCon.  Because it's that close.

Travel-wise, Steph and I are waiting for our plane tickets, but we have hotel reservations (thanks, Carol). And should have those plane tickets by the end of the week (thanks again, Carol).

But here's what you can expect from me during the show:

The same sort of thing as last year, realistically.  Only less here and more at the show.  Last year, Ben & I ran tournaments all show long, and there is downtime during tournaments. Not a ton, mind you, but more than there is on the demo tables.  So I don't expect to be able to say much during the day.

I'll be snapping photos off-and-on, and will probably upload those directly here. Or to my (rarely actually updated) twitter.

So what games will we be demoing?

I still don't have a complete list, but here are a few I'm expecting to see in the demo area. And, ideally, for sale, too.  As to when I'll have a complete list?  Probably after the show.  Maybe.  Because inevitably, we'll be cleaning up, and I'll see a copy of Jungle Speed or Werewolves of Miller's Hollow - a couple of old standbys that I really enjoy.

We'll almost certainly be demoing the Spiel des Jahres nominated Concept and Splendor games. A lot.  And I'm looking forward to running those demos.

But here's what I know of the new stuff (thanks in large part to BoardGameGeek's GenCon Preview):

Abyss will be in the booth for demos. I worked on this one, and am really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Early reports suggest that the art on this one is astounding.

7 Wonders: Babel might have a demo copy available to show off - if we handle it like we have handled 7 Wonders expansions in past years, we'll be demoing the base game and telling folks what the expansion adds or changes.  I worked on this one, and am looking forward to it.

Ca$h 'n Gun$ will reportedly have its second edition there. I worked on this one, too. It's changed quite a bit from the earlier edition, and I can't wait to get this to the table.

The expansion to Mascarade will be there for demos (but not sale). I worked on it, too.  Those of you who follow my twitter account will have seen that I played Mascarade a whole bunch a few weeks back - it's because I wanted to make sure I was up-to-speed and ready to go.

Unita, Colt Express, Conan: Hyborian Quests, and Hyperborea will apparently be in the booth for demos. By following those links, you can learn as much about them as I currently know. But I'll be reading those rulebooks I can find between now and then.

And who is this "we" of whom I speak?

It's the Asmodee Demo Team.  Hopefully it'll be the same crew we had last year (and more), because the last few years, we've had an exceptional team that it's been a genuine pleasure to work with.  Even if I can't remember everyone's names most of the time ...

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