Thursday, April 02, 2015

One Panel Down

So now I've been to my first panel of the year.  A couple of thoughts:

1) It used to be Thursdays were slow.  Mostly-empty panels. This one wasn't. Not even close.  This means that Saturday especially will be a total zoo. I suspect it's because the Guest of Honor is George RR Martin.

2) Because I go to panels to learn, the more notes I take, the more successful I consider the panel to have been. A full page of notes is a good panel. Two pages is an exceptional panel. Half a page is an average panel.

This was a good panel. Not the best ever, but good.  Solid.  Assuming my social anxiety doesn't kick in, leaving me in the room for the entire weekend, this should be a pretty good Norwescon.

Also of note: the moderator in this panel ("Warrior vs Soldier") was good - he kept the discussion flowing in both directions (to and from the audience), and everyone who felt the need to say something had that opportunity.

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