Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GenCon: The Plan

So here's what'll be going on in this space next week:

Wednesday - Setup day. At the usual time, I'll post about my Game of the Year. That evening, I may have something to say about setup or the team.

Thursday - Day one.  I'll post as often as I can during the day via my phone, with a (probable) longer post in the evening to wrap up my impressions.

Friday and Saturday - I'll try to keep the same basic schedule as Thursday, but these days are busier.

Sunday - On Sunday, the exhibit hall closes earlier, but then we get into teardown, so don't expect much from me until late, when I will post my overall impressions of the show.


Next Wednesday - Nothing. I'm taking a week off.

This year, the Asmodee crew is huge.  As in "Roughly 50 people," huge. And I don't know even a fraction of everyone there. Most of last year's truly excellent crew have signed on for another year, and we have a few new faces as well.

I'll admit that there are a few faces I'll be missing from the last year or two, but change is inevitable.

They also posted a (very brief) preview of some of the games and events we'll have in the booth over on Facebook.

From the look of things, this will be the best-organized GenCon for me so far. Of course, I've said that every year - Asmodee's management team has been slowly adjusting things just a little bit more every year.

With as many people as we have, it needs to be the most-organized ever.

I. Can't. Wait.


  1. In making appointments for Gen Con, I was suddenly terrified when I thought someone was suggesting a time of 3:00 PM Sunday. It turns out they weren't but I was afraid I might miss closing out the show with you.

    1. I appreciate the fear.

      It's become a favorite part of my end-of-show. Seeing you near the booth on Sunday means that the light at the end of that particular tunnel ISN'T an oncoming train.

      I look forward to seeing you there!