Wednesday, January 06, 2016

New Year's Eve

I hope your New Year's Celebration (and, in fact, all of your various holiday celebrations) went well for you.

We went (as is typical) to our usual New Year's Eve gathering.

I played Star Wars Timeline, which I won.  The game, by the way, doesn't have a scheduled North American release due to licensing issues, so third-party sellers are going to be your best bet if you want a copy here in the US.

We followed that with Codenames. The more I play this game, the more I enjoy it. There is a surprising amount of subtlety in this one, and I'm apparently much better as a Team Captain than I am as a guesser.

That was followed by Ca$h 'n Guns (second edition), which I played twice. I never do well at this game, but it's a game I really enjoy. I don't do well because people (for reasons unknown) seem to enjoy pointing guns at me. I just do not understand this.

By this point, my brain was starting to melt, because I'd been up since earlier than usual at work. So we broke out Jungle Speed Safari. It's a very different game from regular Jungle Speed, and we played it a couple of times.  This is the game we were playing when the ball dropped.  Well, in our time zone.

One of the people we were playing with went to log his game on BoardGameGeek. "Wow," he said, "There are a lot of Jungle Speeds on here! Why is that?"  I should write about that, sometime. Because there are a lot of versions of this game, and they're all different.

We wrapped the evening with a seven-player game of Ultimate Warriorz. I do really enjoy this game. It's right on that line of being too simple rules-wise, and there are characters who will (almost) never win unless their player makes a significant mistake. But it's oddly entertaining.

By this point, my wife was coming down with a headache, so we bailed early and were home by three or so.  I captured some photos of a few of the folks I was gaming with, and I shared them here.

I received at least one Christmas gift that will be relevant to those of you reading this: I got a photographic light box. This means I'll have more (and hopefully better) photos to share with you. Which I think I say every year.

Again: I hope your holiday celebrations all went well, and I sincerely hope that 2016 is better for every one of you than 2015 was. Even if 2015 was the best year you have lived to date.

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