Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Kickstarter Pitch?

Yes, another Kickstarter pitch.

A few while back, I started a community on Google Plus called "Kicksnarker." I was hugely frustrated with some delays on a still undelivered project, and just wanted a place to vent.

The community ... um ... it took off.  We're not the biggest or most active community on the internet these days, but the active core of the group is one of the neatest group of people I have ever dealt with.

In between mocking bad projects, poor communication, and generally having a great time, we've also helped some project creators with ... issues. Several active community members are experienced Kickstarter creators, and they know what they're talking about.

When someone in the community launches a project and I find out about it, I try to highlight that project in the community at least once.

In 2014, Andreas Walters launched The Baby Bestiary, a collection of art of baby monsters. It was a fantastic little book and we backed almost immediately.  He also has launched two calendars with baby monster art.

Last year at GenCon, Wil Wheaton picked up the book and tweeted about it, leading to a run on it at the show. Over time, the backstock has depleted itself.

Now, Andreas could easily have just put together a reprint drive, but he had another idea:  Volume Two. New art, new baby monsters, and a fresh batch of fun. And he could fund a reprint of the first volume at the same time.

That project is live now.  In fact, it has about a week to go, and it's just a hair short of its goal.

Again: The Baby Bestiary, Volume 2 is live on Kickstarter now. And, if you don't have Volume 1, you can get it through the project, because he's funding Volume 2 and the reprint of Volume 1 with the same project.

We've derived a ton of joy from Volume 1, and would love to get our hands on Volume 2 as well.

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