Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hugo Spreadsheet

I had a couple of e-mail requests for a copy after this morning's post, so here is a link to the Excel spreadsheet I used to determine my Hugo votes.

My ratings have been deleted, because I'm not choosing to share all of my votes with you.

To use this, just fill in values for "good" and "fun."  I used the "Weighted Good" for my final outcome (it makes Good three times as important as Fun when voting). And I'm not a mathematician, so I'm not even sure "weighted" is the proper term for what I did.

Also: Fun doesn't necessarily mean "light-hearted or entertaining."  "Fun" for me was "engaging/kept me reading." Something that is Good +10, Fun -10 would still finish ahead of No Award on my ballot, with a final score of 11.49 (with 11.53 being the cutoff, as noted in this morning's post).

I'll be tweaking and updating and changing this spreadsheet over time - I'm not sure that 1/3 is the right balance, here. But this link will always have the "latest" version of the spreadsheet.

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