Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Change Is Inevitable (And Not Always Bad)

Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about giving Games Workshop another chance after more than a decade away?

I took the plunge. I managed to snag a copy of Shadow War: Armageddon from a local game store (not just the rulebook, either - the boxed game), and picked up some minis to use. And some assembly supplies (glue, for one).

When did Games Workshop go all plastic?

I also bought a few 40k novels, because I was curious what the lore was. And I'm enjoying them. This series is printed like YA books - largeish print, an undersized hardcover.

I also sent a couple of queries to GW's customer service, and received prompt (and polite) replies.

All in all, it looks like there has been some significant turnover at GW, and it sounds like their anti-fan policies are either changed or not being enforced anymore.  I am 100% in favor of this.

So ... yeah. I'm back in the GW customer fold, as it were.

Time to warm up the 3D printer - I have terrain to print!

I also dug out all of my miniatures painting supplies.  I've been bitten by that bug but good. Again.

I figured I'd start simple, with the Kaosball teams. They're relatively simple figures, and I'm not bothering to prime them. It makes them an excellent step forward. And ... wow have my skills atrophied.  But that's okay.  That's part of why I wanted to do this.

I'm also not going to take this all too seriously. Because I look at the monthly painting thread, and I just cringe.  Because these guys are sooo gooood.

But the fact that I'm not that good is oddly freeing at the same time. Because it means I can go nuts with bizarro experimentation. Like interference colors. I think that this will look awesome on some of my Necrons.  Those of you who don't know what it is - it's paint that changes color depending on your perspective relative to the light.  The linked paint is purple and green, but they also make a green/blue and a green/orange.

I also don't feel bad about using $2 craft paint for much of my work. I've had good results with it in the past, and I expect to get good results with it again.  The only time I'll always choose miniature paint over craft paint is for metallic paints.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I also bought into Guild Ball, via the two-player starter that they make. It's a really good game.  Tons of fun.  We're going to be buying more teams for it. And more players for our current teams.

So ... yeah.  My gaming is in transition right now. I'm not playing fewer board games, but I'm playing more miniatures games.  So expect periodic updates on how that's going here.


  1. glad to hear it is working out for ya! I have been diving fairly heavily into X-Wing and SW Destiny, but I have a fair amount of other minis to paint as well. Best of luck with Guild ball and such!!!

  2. The GW house paints have gotten a pretty bad reputation over the last few years. Vallejo is cheaper and of a significantly higher quality. If you liked the old GW paint it's still available-it's the P3 line that Privateer sells for Warmachine.

  3. i just started to cast my own terrain, as a build-up to learning to cast figs

    gotta stay interested and motivated. GW has really turned the worm on their perceived dys-interest in appeasing the fans