Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Life Update

It's been too long since I was updating regularly, here.  I'm working on getting back up to speed. But I figured it'd be a good time for a full update on where I am and how I'm doing in the non-gaming sphere of things (and some coverage of my gaming life, too).

Since I was regularly updating, I haven't moved. We're still in the Greater Seattle Area, which is what most of us locals mean when we tell people that we live in Seattle.  Because non-Seattle folks don't know where Puyallup and Bellevue and Everett and Redmond and Renton and Auburn and Burien and the like are. So we tell people we're in Seattle, and, when we run into another local in a far-flung land, we then narrow it down to the actual city we call home.

Our household consists of myself, my wife, a good friend who is renting our guest room, and a total of three cats (three upstairs and one down). 

As of Friday (two days from now), I'll have been two weeks after my last COVID-19 vaccine shot, meaning I'll be legally considered Fully Vaccinated, which allows me to mingle in groups with other fully vaccinated folks.  That's a good thing.

The company I worked for for just over 13 years closed up shop last summer. While doing so, though, they sold most of their inventory to another distributor that was interested and made a case for them to hire me. And they did. So one morning I went to work for one company, and the next day I went to the same place at the same time and signed in to work for another company.

The new company has a very different corporate culture from the previous one. Which is not by any means a complaint. I'm actually doing more work (both because we're busier and because we're a bit short-staffed), but I'm feeling significantly less stress at the same time. Which is super-nice. I'm also feeling appreciated here in a way I haven't ... ever, actually. 

Asmodee has gobbled a few more small publishers. At least one - Plaid Hat - ungobbled themselves.  I haven't worked on a game in ... a while.  I've worked on promotional materials here-and-there, though.

You know what a weird feeling is? It's seeing a new edition of a game you worked on that doesn't have your name (or that of the translator you worked with) anywhere in the credits. That said: I love the new edition.  I'll talk about that ... sometime.  Add it to my "posts to follow," list, I guess.

So all in all, my life is better than it was at the beginning of 2020. 

While 2020 wasn't pleasant for anyone, I was one of the lucky ones. My job was considered essential, so I didn't miss any work. Steph was able to work remotely (and was actually more productive that way).

I had some Kickstarter projects come in - that's another post I need to write, I guess.

... and that is the Eric Update, I guess.

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