Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dungeon Twister Notes

At Origins this last week, I learned something new about the upcoming English releases of Dungeon Twister:

"Fire and Water" is being released out of order in English.

Here in the US, we'll be seeing "Forces of Darkness," followed by "Mercenaries," and THEN (Probably) "Fire and Water."

It's not a problem, it just means that we'll be getting our characters in a different order than France did.


  1. What, by the way, is the time frame for the next three expansions? Not to mention the resin figs, of course...

  2. Don't hold me to this, but:

    We just finished the Forces of Darkness translation, and are rushing it to the printers. It should be out later this year.

    I think that Mercenaries is due early next year.

    Neither of them are in the '06 Catalog, however.

    The resin figs for the base game are already available direct from Asmodee US. It's unclear if the expansion figs will be released in the US. You may need to go directly through Fenryll