Friday, July 21, 2006

GenCon Is Coming

I'm in, again. I'll be working for Asmodée, again, but I won't be the only English-speaker there, this year. My friend Katie and one other friend (to be named later) will be joining in.

Here's the list of what I expect to demo this year:

Dungeon Twister
Dungeon Twister: Paladins and Dragons
Dungeon Twister: 3/4 Player Expansion
Mall of Horror
Hell Dorado
(Not yet available)
Jungle Speed
Mission: Red Planet
(Making its English debut at GenCon)
Iliad (Also debuting in English at GenCon)

It's possible there may be a copy of Renaissance there, as well.

And, it being a Con, there is always a game of Werewolf going somewhere

If any of these games interest you, please feel free to stop by the Asmodée booth. We'll be glad to teach you how to play.

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