Sunday, September 03, 2006

Playing Dungeon Twister

I'm really good at losing games of Dungeon Twister. Really good. Here is my tournament profile. Which doesn't include demo games played at Origins and GenCon '05 and '06.

In the '05 Convention Season, I won a total (in nearly eighty hours of play) of two games. Now, people say that a good Demo Team knows how to lose without making it seem like they are trying to lose. Let me state - for the record - I was not trying to lose. By the end of the season, I desperately wanted to win.

This year has been better to me. I've reached the point where I think I should probably handicap myself against beginners in casual play. Even though I still managed to lose a fair amount this year.

That said, however, one of the great joys of GenCon '06 was meeting up with Michael again.

Michael is a friend of mine who is one of Smirk and Dagger's Instigators. He runs an excellent Hex Hex demo. Michael also happens to be last year's GenCon Dungeon Twister Tournament Champion. And a good opponent.

I'm sure, then, you'll understand why I took such joy in playing him at GenCon this year. And winning. Twice. They weren't total massacres, but I did win.

My ego was further boosted when Michael then gave Chris a run for his money.

Next year at GenCon, I hope to play Michael again. And I do hope he beats me, so that we can pass the rivalry along for another year. Which means that he'll need to practice.

... which leads me to the subject of my next post, which should be out next week sometime. If I can get it together. See, I've already talked about what I feel it takes to be a good demo team member. I'd like to discuss next the good competitor.

And I'll probably use Michael as one of my examples. Partly because he's a good competitor and partly because I know he reads this.

P.S. Michael, please let Karen know that Stephanie says "Hi."


  1. What, no "Hi" for me? I think that makes me sad...

  2. Did you ever think about translating the brain-teasers on the DT site (or pestering someone else into doing it)? Hint hint. Hint...Hint.


    I would appreciate it greatly!

  3. I wish I could translate them myself.

    I've been bugging Chris about it.