Thursday, September 14, 2006

Upcoming Posts

I know I said I'd post about The Good Competitor, but it's proven to need a lot more editing that I'd expected. I'm working on it.

In fact, I have several posts that are in the Edit Queue:

- The Good Competitor
- What Gamers Can Learn from Professional Wrestling
- More on Demo Teams (Including a list of demo teams and contact information)
- An Overview of Dungeon Twister Tournaments (Including formats and styles of play)
- A Couple of Reviews
- More Industry News and Previews

They all need some polish (and, in some cases, more writing), but I'm working on 'em.


  1. It amuses me that you delineate your posts this way. But I suppose as a cop-out, it is pretty effective...


    Hey, does Stephanie have blog or a site or anything?

  2. It's not a cop-out. I've got most of these written and in progress - I just didn't manage to get them out on time.

    Stephanie is here.

  3. At all, you mean.

    Eric, Eric, Eric. *tsk, tsk, tsk*.


  4. I said "one post per week minimum" - this is a preview of upcoming weeks.

    Some of these posts need that much work.