Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coming Soon: General Dungeon Twister Character Strategies

I know you are expecting my Mercenaries character overview this weekend.

Sadly, I will be disappointing you on that front - see, I hit a bit of a snag:

Every character in Mercenaries is completely straightforward.

I know there are alternate strategies for them somewhere. I know there are ways to use these characters in new and interesting ways. I just haven't found them, yet.

See, when Chris sits down to design another DT expansion, he looks for a rules-based theme on which to build the expansion. Forces of Darkness, for example, is all about dealing with wounded characters.

Mercenaries is about effective use of combat and combat cards. This means that the special ability focus of the characters is combat, which tends to be pretty straightforward.

Instead, I will be posting something different this weekend - a general overview of team selection strategy for free play. I'll break down the basic strategies of the game, the four basic character types (in my opinion), and discuss how item selection can impact (or be impacted by) your strategy.

The post will probably be late - this weekend promises to be strangely busy - but I should have it up no later than Monday evening.

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