Friday, June 22, 2007

Dungeon Twister Strategy: Narrowing It Down II

Continued from my previous post.

Step 4: Choose Items Which Reinforce Your Team
Items can be used in two ways: they can enhance the strengths of your team, or they can reinforce the weaknesses of your team. They can also define your character's roles a bit more specifically. There are also utility items which should not be neglected.

An Elf Scout with a Potion of Speed won't be in the maze for much longer - the potion enhances his strength. A Thief with a Shield is the equal of an unequipped Warrior, because the Shield shores up her weakness. A Troll with a Two-Handed Sword is a Hitter. A Troll with an Elven Shield is a Blocker. A rope will help any character in nearly any room in the game.

Some character/item combinations are just silly, however - the Stone Elemental, for example, should never be given a weapon (unless it's to keep it out of your opponent's hands).

Choose items which make sense given your character selection and strategy.

And that leads us to the final step:
Step 5: Choose Rooms
In a Free Choice environment, you will be selecting two pairs of rooms to bring to the table. Again - choose rooms which make sense. If you have the Elf Scout, the Elf Enchantress and the Elf Archer, then pick some of the rooms from Créatures Sylvestres which feature the secret passages or trees. If you have more than one flying character, then don't choose any rooms with the "gouffre d'ultra-gravité" squares. If you have a Cleric, you won't need Fountain of Youth. My contrast, if you DON'T have a Cleric, you may find that need somewhat more pressing.

If you know your opponent, you may also be able to choose rooms specifically to frustrate him (or her). Many of the rooms from Fire and Water are ideal for this.

Just remember: if it's easy for you to pass through, it's probably easy for your opponent as well.

So let's put this all together and drag out a tournament force.


  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Great advice, Eric!

    SOme games I've been playing as of late:

    Yspahan - so so... I might sell it to a friend.

    Mykerinos - I like this one a bit better. A keeper...

    The Thief of Baghdad - I like the theme and mechanice, but the game lasts a bit longer than it should.

    Take care!


  2. very useful strategy post, will try to remember it for tonights games =)

    Would like to see some comments on the new (for English speakers) expansion Forces of Darkness.

  3. Brian,

    Thanks! You and I tend to agree on games, so I'll look into Mykerinos.


  4. Christopher,

    Thanks for the comment - welcome to the blog.

    There are more strategy articles in the archives, and more in queue.

    Let me know if you have questions!