Monday, January 19, 2009

Dungeon Twister: New Base Set?

For several months, now, this thread on BoardGameGeek has been sporadically active.

This morning (or late last night), Christophe Boelinger spoke up and filled us in (my analysis follows):
Hello Guys,

Just to assure you all and erase any worries :
- There is no reboot
- There is a new future expansion simultaneaously in french / Enlish / german
- No rules changes (I hate that). The rules work perfectly, why should we change these. I'm not Games Workshop publishing a new version of my game every two year and changing a few rules each time.
- Just new rules for the new characters, of course
- This expansion is also a fully stand alone game
- Including minis
- Including a tutorial to easilly teach new players
- Including the solo version
- 100% fully compatible with everything already printed in the past
- Including 85% of new material never printed (this is specially for the old and original gamers)
- True : Only 3 major characters are taken from the original basic set, but 5 new characters, 8 new rooms, new objects, all equipment for solo version, etc...

So where's the reboot ????

The objective is to have the original hardcore players happy with a lot of new material and a full compatibility, and to give the possibility to newcomers to play with only this box, and also play single, and with minis.

And also the first scenario of the tutorial takes 5 minutes to explain, between 10-15 minutes to play. So it's perfect to teach a 6 years old kid, or wives (who don't like harcore games for example), or anybody who wanna learn or discover the game quick and fast. In gaming conventions, gaming club or anywhere !

So the rules won't change a bit, the way they are brought to the player will just differ a bit, and allow you to inntroduce anybody, up to your gran'ma, to your hobby...

That's what should come in 2009.

I surely hope I erased all your fears.

Happy Twist


Chris Boelinger
Did I say my analysis follows? Oops. I provided my analysis earlier in the thread. And, as it happens, I was mostly right. With one significant exception: Chris is describing this as being an expansion, rather than a new base set. A standalone expansion, it's true, but an expansion nevertheless.

I've already received requests for the solitaire rules. I'd like to make this very clear:

I don't have them. If I do receive them before the game is published, I can't share them with you unless I have the explicit permission of both Chris and the publisher, as both of them trust me and I have no desire to lose that trust.

... and that's all I have to say this morning.

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