Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

DT Online: Game 2
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Prractice, practice, practice.

As I've said a number of times: I love this game. I understand a great deal of the underpinnings of the strategy, and can easily tell you how to improve your game after a few plays.

I, however, cannot seem to win for myself. I freely admit: I'm bad at playing this game that I love so very much.

My most regular online opponent said, "DT is a game where experience is very important and we're always surprised by strategies and 'style of playing' of each new opponent we meet."

For those of you who didn't catch it, it means, "I've played a lot more than you have, and it shows. Some of your moves have been either foolhardy or brilliant - either way, I have been caught off-guard by them a time or two."

It's a nice way of telling me I'm not good at the game. I'm glad he's willing to keep playing me, as I am VERY bad at this game.

By the way - those of you who are trying to figure out what's in the lower-left-hand room? It's a troll (mine) and a Fireball Wand (his). My opponent places very similarly to me, with his Wizard on his starting line, his Fireball Wand in the nearest room, his Treasure all the way across by his opponent's starting line.

It tells me that that part of the strategy, at least, is sound.

Footnote: I lost this one with a score of 5-1. It's one more point than I scored in our previous game.

There is no shame in losing. Learn your lessons, pick up your pieces, and be ready to play again.


  1. DT online sounds interesting. Is this something thats in the works or am I missing something on the internet?

  2. It's still in Beta, and it's not an open beta. If it were public, I'd have posted a link. :)

    I think I'm the only English-As-Primary-Language participant at this point, and the software is entirely in French.

  3. That's a bummer. Any idea if they will have an English release? Although I do speak a bit of French, I would like to play more people. As you said, experience is the only way to get good at this game.